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Spotting Fraudulent Injury Claims

Fraudulent Injury Claims

During the course of 2019, insurance companies detected 107,000 fraudulent claims, amounting to £1.2 billion. Within this statistic are false injury claims, buried within motor insurance claims and liability claims – otherwise known as ‘slip and trips’. Those perpetrating these claims may well do so in the belief that insurance fraud is somehow a ‘victimless […]

CCTV: Know Where You Stand


As a concept, closed-circuit-television (CCTV) originates from Russia. Leon Theremin developed the first rudimentary, manually operated system in 1927, for the purpose of boosting security at the Kremlin in Moscow. It was later developed further by Germany in 1942 and was used to monitor V-2 rocket launches. In those early days, the use of the […]

Ransomware: The Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity


The Chief Executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, Lindy Cameron, has issued a stark warning that it is ransomware that now poses the biggest threat to cybersecurity around the world. While addressing the Royal United Services Institute in London on Monday 14th June 2021, the senior official explained that the threat posed by organised […]