Monthly Archives: December 2021

Data Protection In Private Investigations

A key factor in any private investigation is information and data. This is vitally important if you are looking for court admissible evidence to support any legal claim. With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, it is more important than ever for private investigators to make sure they adhere to current […]

Online Fraud Investigations

As the world is becoming increasingly digitised and more businesses are turning to online technology to sell their products and services, online fraud is becoming more commonplace. The internet has provided the perfect environment for fraudsters to illegally obtain data, access, and money. What is particularly disturbing about online fraud is that these types of […]

Background Checks: Employees

Background checks are increasingly becoming part of corporate hiring policies. Many businesses are hiring private security and investigative agencies to run background checks on potential employees and thanks to digital technology, it is now harder to hide any previous criminal convictions or fake an identity. Verifying who someone says they are can be particularly pertinent […]

What are the primary reasons for hiring a private investigator?

There are many reasons people decide to go down the private investigation route and hire a private investigator or private detective. Although the reasons can vary wildly, from personal safety to suspicion of corporate espionage, the one thing they have in common is that a person or company has decided they cannot deal with the […]