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How can private investigators help prevent theft by employees

We live in an uncertain world, with many obstacles to overcome on a daily basis. The cost of living is skyrocketing as the energy price crisis filters down to our everyday lives. Companies producing goods will also be feeling the pinch and that cost is passed on to consumers. Therefore the temptation for employees to […]

Fraud Prevention with the Help of Private Investigators

Fraud is a common and growing problem that can be devastating to an individual or company and it can pay dividends to hire a private investigator as a preventative tool. There are many ways that a private investigator can work to help prevent fraud, especially in the workplace. Corporate fraud  With margins tight at many […]

What Information Can a Private Investigator Obtain?

There are many reasons why an individual or company might hire a private investigator. But the one constant is that anyone employed in the service must operate within the private investigator UK laws. Private investigators are regulated and therefore must follow rules and ethics while on a case. Those working within the industry can use […]

Reasons Why You Might Hire Close Protection in London

The world has become an unstable and unpredictable place since the 9/11 attacks on New York.  The unthinkable changed the way people view their everyday lives and subsequent atrocities have only served to reinforce those fears. Incidents tend to happen in major cities, with attacks in Manchester, Paris and Madrid in recent years. But it […]