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5 signs you need to conduct a corporate investigation

corporate investigation

Theft, non-compliance, and data breaches can all have a negative impact on your business. When an issue occurs, either with compliance due to poor audit and security controls, a data breach or suspected fraud or theft, a business can suffer from severe reputational and financial damage. Especially if they have failed to meet current compliance legislation.  […]

3 Frequent cybercrimes and how to avoid them

cyber security

With technology now part of our everyday lives, at work and at home, criminals are taking advantage of our internet connectivity and adapting processes and creating programs to exploit digital vulnerabilities. According to the National Crime Agency, there has been a significant growth in cyber criminality, especially with ransomware campaigns. * If you are concerned […]

Is your partner cheating?

matrimonial surveillance

Suspecting your partner of cheating is a stressful and worrying time and can cause a lot of anguish. When your relationship feels like it has changed or your partner is acting suspiciously, it can be easy to think the worst. However, it is important to be sure of the reasons behind their behaviour before you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Surveillance in the UK

As the population continues to grow, crime is becoming harder to manage. Police are underfunded, and they can’t be everywhere at once. With car thefts and robberies on the rise, many people are turning to surveillance to protect themselves. Although a CCTV camera won’t arrest a prospective burglar, it will ward them off and work […]