Monthly Archives: October 2022

3 ways to deal with employee theft

If you suspect that one of your employees may be stealing from your business or organisation, it can put a strain on the company and internal relationships, as well as putting your business at risk of financial trouble and falling foul of compliance regulations if they are stealing data.  Employee theft can range from stealing […]

How private investigators do background checks

Looking for a background check but want to know how it is performed and what information you can expect? Background checks are increasingly being used by businesses to check employment history, reasons for dismissal from prior jobs and criminal records. This can improve your hiring policy by ensuring you employ someone who will be an […]

The growth of cyber crimes

As the world becomes more connected with digital technology and businesses move online, the growth of cyber crimes is increasing rapidly. According to the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey which was conducted in 2021/2022, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack, and although the number is slightly lower than previous years, the rise of cyber […]

Safeguarding your assets and intellectual property

intellectual property

Whether you are self-employed, small business or corporation, safeguarding your assets and intellectual property should be high on your agenda to help mitigate the risks from security breaches, theft, and loss. What is intellectual property? Intellectual property is deemed anything that has been created by your mind. This includes anything in the creative arts – […]