Monthly Archives: November 2022

What to do if you think an employee has committed theft

For all businesses, employee theft is a serious matter. It may be something small such as stealing office supplies, using a company vehicle for nonwork-related purposes and charging the company fuel costs right up to corporate espionage and data theft. The latter can have serious consequences for businesses both large and small, as you may […]

Pros and cons of hiring a private investigator

Making the decision to hire a private investigator is not an easy one. You may be having to conduct an investigation into an employee, trace a missing person or monitor a partner for suspicious activity –none of which are easy things to decide to do. The more personal an investigation, the harder the initial step […]

How to protect your online assets from fraud

As technology moves forward and digital platforms for individuals and businesses become the norm, it’s important to remember to protect yourself online. From dating scams to stealing corporate information, online fraud is becoming more advanced and prevalent than ever before. Whether you are a business looking to protect your assets or an individual wanting to […]

What can tracing agents legally do in the UK?


When you want to trace an individual, you may look at hiring a private investigator or tracing agent. They will usually cover a range of circumstances, from missing persons and locating assets to finding a witness or locating someone who has absconded from financial responsibilities. All investigations are carried out in full compliance with UK […]