Monthly Archives: February 2023

3 Reasons to Hire Close Protection

Close protection services are more traditionally known as having bodyguard security. However, the industry and the services provided have come on leaps and bounds more than what most people would consider when thinking about hiring a bodyguard! There is also a common misperception that close protection is simply for VIPs, which is not true. Anyone […]

Protect Your Assets from Online Fraud In 2023

As we fast move forward into 2023, protecting your assets from online fraud is becoming ever more important. With digital scammers using advanced technology and with easy access to people through channels such as social media, attempted fraud is something both individuals and businesses need to be vigilant against. From email scams to corporate data […]

Tracing agents in the UK: Everything you need to know

Tracing agents in the UK play a crucial role in helping individuals, businesses and organisations find and locate people who are missing, have disappeared or are otherwise difficult to find. Tracing agents can use a variety of methods to find people, including online searches, databases, and investigation techniques. In this article, we will examine everything […]