3 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Surveillance Investigator

When it comes to protecting yourself and your business, there are a lot of options to consider. One of the most effective and reliable ways to ensure the safety and security of yourself, your business or your assets is to hire a surveillance investigator. Surveillance investigators, or private investigators as they are often known here in the UK, are professionals who specialise in gathering information and evidence through the use of surveillance tools and techniques. They can be individuals or you can hire surveillance companies, but you should always assess and review anyone before you hire them, so you know you are going to get the best results.

Here at OpSec Solutions, we are experts in surveillance and so we have put together our top three reasons why and when you should consider hiring a surveillance investigator.

  1. You need to gather accurate information

Surveillance investigators are experts in their field and can provide you with accurate and reliable information. This can be for a variety of reasons including corporate investigations, hiring a new employee, finding evidence for criminal proceedings or even if you suspect a partner is cheating. They use the latest technology and techniques to track and investigate suspects. This means that all of the evidence they collect is reliable and can be used in court.

  1. It can be cost-effective for businesses

Hiring a surveillance investigator can save you a lot of money if you are a business. If you need to conduct a corporate investigation because of data breaches, suspect employee theft or fraud, a surveillance investigator or private detective will be able to gather any actionable evidence you need quickly and efficiently. This means that you won’t have to waste time and valuable resources on other methods of investigation or conducting the investigation yourself.

We would always advise hiring or working with a private investigator to help you investigate matters of illegality or wrongdoing, as they have the skills and expertise to get a successful outcome with minimum impact on your business operations.

  1. You need professional advice

Surveillance investigators are not only experts in their field but also highly experienced. This means that they can give you professional advice on how to proceed with your investigation. They can also provide you with valuable insights into the case which you may not have thought of yourself.

Overall, there are many benefits to hiring a surveillance investigator. They can provide you with accurate and reliable information, help you save money, and give you professional advice. So, if you are looking to protect yourself or your business, hiring a surveillance investigator is a great option.

When should you consider hiring a surveillance investigator?

There are many reasons you should consider hiring a surveillance investigator. We have put together a list of the most common reasons you may need surveillance services:

  • If you think your partner is having an affair or keeping financial secrets
  • If you have a child custody claim and need evidence to support it
  • If you need to trace a missing person or locate an individual for court proceedings
  • Help with fraud investigations
  • Close protection services
  • Protection for property or assets
  • Collecting evidence to support issues like subletting, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and drug dealing
  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Counter surveillance

This list isn’t exhaustive, so if you feel like you may be in need of surveillance to support any sort of investigation, it is always best to speak to a private investigator to discuss your requirements. They will always be able to tell you if a case is worth pursuing and what the outcome is likely to be.

Surveillance from OpSec Solutions

If you’re looking for surveillance services London, or anywhere else in the UK, then why not consider OpSec Solutions for all your needs?

We have years of experience in conducting surveillance investigations for both the public and private sectors. This includes obtaining court-actionable evidence to support a range of cases and helping our clients gain closure.

We use a range of surveillance techniques such as mobile, static and electronic surveillance, as well as GPS vehicle tracking to get the results you need, and with offices in London and Manchester and with agents situated across the UK, we are sure to create a surveillance strategy tailored to both your location and your specific requirements.

It doesn’t matter who you are, OpSec Solutions works with solicitors, loss adjusters and insurance companies, small businesses and individuals, and even large enterprises who can subcontract their surveillance and investigative needs to our capable team.  

We are members of some of the leading industry bodies such as the Association of British Investigators and the UK Professional Investigators Network which means all our surveillance services are carried out ethically, with full confidentiality, and in line with all UK laws. We are also fully compliant with all current GDPR laws, so you know any information gathered will be dealt with securely and sensitively. Want to know more about the private investigator services we provide, our state-of-the-art technology, and how we could help you? We’re just a phone call away. Get in touch with our expert team on 0844 6641125  to arrange a free consultation. You can also contact us via the website.

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