5 benefits Manchester businesses can expect from hiring a private investigator

If you are looking to hire a private investigator in Manchester or the surrounding area, then you may wonder what benefits hiring a local private investigator can offer your business. 

With an increase in private investigations over the past few years, especially in big-city areas such as Manchester, the security and intelligence sector has adapted to modern techniques and technology, with private detectives and private investigators becoming highly skilled and highly trained, with most having former backgrounds with the police, military, corporate or intelligence services. Training that is now being supported and reinforced with new standards and industry accreditations.

There are numerous reasons why businesses may want to hire a private detective in Manchester, perhaps you are concerned about a new employee and want to do a thorough background check, including for any possibility of corporate espionage, or want to check how many people are living at a property. However, as a corporate hub, Manchester businesses are predominantly using private detectives to protect corporate assets and investigate any data breaches or fraud. 

Private detectives can conduct investigations for a wide range of reasons and more importantly, provide your business with evidence and statements that can be used for general purposes, such as in a workplace investigation for example, or evidence that can be admissible in court if you need to take further action. 

As evidence can only be used if it has been obtained legally, it is vitally important for you to put your trust in a private investigation firm in Manchester that can get you the results in a legal and ethical manner, whilst conducting themselves and their operation with the highest of standards in order to produce quality, effective results. This is considered best practice, especially regarding corporate or commercial investigations. 

Here at OpSec solutions, we aim to provide an affordable, quality private detective and surveillance service across the UK, with bases in London, Manchester, and Cheshire. We are a highly regarded, professionally accredited Private Investigation Firm with offices and personnel in Manchester that provides evidence to court admissible standards in all cases. This requires the utmost discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality, as well as strict adherence to ethical guidelines and data protection law. But what other benefits can you expect from hiring OpSec solutions?

  1. Local Knowledge

Although there are several things’ clients require when looking for a private detective, such as trust, expertise and of course, previous results, it is also wise to consider location. This specialist knowledge of the location where your investigation is most likely to be based, or conducted, is vital when choosing a private detective. You may find a great private detective in Leeds for example, but not only will you likely incur extra costs due to travel, but there isn’t the local knowledge of Manchester that can be important when conducting an investigation and trying to obtain the evidence that you need. 

  1. Comprehensive security solutions, risk management services and surveillance

We have a wide range of security solutions, risk management and surveillance services to offer businesses, allowing us to cover any form of investigation. The types of services we offer to Manchester businesses include the following:

  • Close protection services: Our close protection specialists are fully trained and qualified operatives that can assess and mitigate any threats to a client’s safety and are experts in their field. We are fully authorised to lawfully undertake any protective services required and have the experience needed to keep a client safe in any environment.

As well as close protection, we can provide clients with a Residential Security Team for around-the-clock protection at their home, allowing clients to rest easy, knowing they are in safe hands and protected at all times.

We can provide specialist escorts for valuable business assets, including constant protection services.

  • Risk management solutions: At OpSec solutions, we take a proactive approach to protecting your property, assets, and VIPs. We combine years of experience in corporate security with state-of-the-art equipment to spot potential trouble before it arises and mitigate or eliminate any threat. We are experts in corporate event risk management and can provide security and surveys for events and business premises. 
  • Mobile Surveillance: If you suspect someone is up to no good, our corporate and counter surveillance experts can discreetly track a person of interest in Manchester by car, on foot or even on a plane out of the airports. We can provide a full report of their movements with photographic and video evidence.
  • Static Surveillance: Static surveillance is when our private detectives will covertly monitor a particular location of interest. This may be a house, a company or a car park and may require constant, 24hour monitoring or just at specific times, however, we will provide a full report of the location in question, including photos, videos, vehicle details and timings. So, you can prove what is going on and take action. This type of private investigation service is useful for proving subletting, fly-tipping, or business theft. 
  • Electronic Surveillance: Using available innovative technology means that we can monitor a range of media. Our team can legally access video and audio recordings, corporate phone call records and computer activity to find out what is going on. This can be helpful to protect your property, stalking and monitoring your employee’s activity in case of theft, absence, or corporate espionage. 
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking: Private investigators are legally allowed to track vehicles using state of the art GPS tracking devices if the owner of a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, has consented to the tracking of those vehicles using GPS technology. This allows Private Investigators to gather data and surveillance footage in cases of suspected vehicle misuse, moonlighting, and corporate sabotage, giving their client the data needed to prove wrongdoing in a court of law.  
  • Counter Surveillance: Counter surveillance is exceedingly useful from a corporate perspective, helping to identify espionage, cyber hacking, or data breaches from a technological point of view. Our team can work with you to help detect unlawful monitoring. Whether it is hidden cameras, voice recorders or covert tracking, we will gain evidence of the perpetrators to help you put a stop to it. Where required, our team can use the latest methods to block out surveillance devices so your business can continue without disruption. 
  1. Providing the right personnel

All our agents are fully trained in all aspects of surveillance, and we can provide the right personnel to deal with any aspects of a case, so you know you have a professional team of experts in your corner, drawn from military, police, and corporate backgrounds. This range of expertise ensures we have the correct skills for any specific type of private investigation. We will also match your agent or team to the location you are in, so you know that if your business is based in Manchester, so are your private detectives. 

  1. Bespoke Services

When it comes to business and the reasons behind needing the services of a private investigator, no case is the same, therefore we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to investigations. We understand that every case has its own requirements and complexities – whether it is a long-term static project, locating an individual, investigating fraud or a dynamic mobile surveillance that needs operatives in various locations. So here at OpSec, we know that the best service we can provide you, the client, is a fully inclusive, tailored package comprising all the investigative solutions you need. We will have an in-depth consultation with you to find out your requirements and the details of the investigation and then put together a plan of attack with clear methodology. Crucially, all our private investigation packages come with custom pricing that we will be completely transparent from start to finish.

  1. Expertise and Accreditation

Founded in 2011, OpSec Solutions has become an industry leader in all aspects of security, surveillance, private investigations, and legal support services. We have developed a reputation for unwavering reliability and impeccably high standards. Whether it is an individual or business, we work tirelessly for our clients. 

We have decades of experience in private investigation, close protection, and surveillance across the UK, including Manchester, with a range of accreditations and memberships to support our expertise. Including:

  • ABI – Association of British Investigators 
  • WAPI – The World Association of Professional Investigators
  • IPI – The Institute of Professional Investigators
  • UK Professional Investigators Network
  • FAP – The Fraud Advisory Panel 
  • ICO – The Information Commissioner’s Office 

So, if you want to know more about the private investigator services we provide, our methodology, state-of-the-art technology, and how we could help you, then please contact us today using our contact form on the website or call us on 0844-664-1125.

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