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As the use of social media and online dating soars, many couples are finding friends and soulmates through the internet. Although it has become far more commonplace in society to meet a loved one online, it is important to remember that not every connection has a happy ending. 

With the rise of dating sites and social media apps, there has been an increase in individuals using them for extra-marital affairs and fraud. So how do you know if the person you have been talking to, is actually who they claim to be? 

Comprehensive background checks are often the key to ensuring your own safety and peace of mind before meeting someone, and can often be a particularly advisable step for those that have children. 

If you have any concerns at all about individuals you have yet to meet in person, then at OpSec Solutions we would always advise due diligence, not only to protect yourself, but to protect your family, your identity, and your finances. 

What is a background check?

A background check is an investigation designed to verify a person’s identity, establish the truth in any claims they have made, and uncover any previous criminal convictions. By legally looking at a person’s background, a background check can help keep you safe. 

When should I conduct a background check?

There are a few reasons you may want to conduct a personal background check on an individual, we have listed the most common ones below:

  • Potential partner or friend you have met online. This is the main reason that clients request a background check. With the anonymity of the internet and it being so easy to create both an identity and persona online, it is becoming increasingly difficult to work out whether the person you have a romantic connection is telling the truth about who they are and their circumstances. 
  • You want to check the veracity of a new person being introduced into your life. Your friend may start dating someone who you may have suspicions about, or maybe something they say seems just too fantastic or good to be true. Background checks are also routinely used in this way to check the new partners of an ex if there are children involved and your ex is introducing them to a new individual. 
  • You suspect your current partner is hiding something. We all may be guilty of assuming background checks are done to investigate the new people in our lives, but in fact, one of the most common reasons for conducting a personal check is to ascertain whether a current partner or spouse are being entirely truthful. This can include financial checks as well as questions about their online activity.

Although you may never need to conduct a background check on someone, the above circumstances are perfectly valid reasons to consider a lawful investigation, especially if you have serious concerns about any individual. 

How can a background check help me?

If you are considering a personal background check for any reason, then you may be concerned about how this type of investigation can help you. 

Background checks can highlight any irregularities and help confirm the identity of a person. It can also establish the following:

  • Financial status 
  • Current marital status 
  • ‘Catfishing’ and the use of fake profiles 
  • Any criminal record
  • If a person is on the sex offenders register

This may sound like an extreme step to check on a person you may have not long been talking to, however, it is not extreme to make sure to protect yourself. Most unscrupulous individuals that may hide behind fake profiles will often be doing it for fraudulent financial gain, or simply for attention. There are those though, that may have far darker reasons to be covering up their past or who they really are, therefore you should always take steps to prevent any harm to yourself or your family. 

Even if a background check proves that the person under investigation is a stand up citizen, we would always recommend making sure you meet in a safe, public space with which you are familiar. We would also advise letting several people know when and where you are meeting and never, ever send money or information to someone you have never met. 

Do I really need a private investigator to conduct a background check?

You may be able to conduct some record checks yourself, however, in order to get a thorough examination of a person’s background, you will need the skills of an expert. Private investigators are often highly trained in following a digital footprint and accessing the information and records needed to form a background check. They are fully aware of the laws and legislation around what they can and cannot do in the UK and by hiring a private investigator you don’t run the risk of inadvertent non-compliance with discrimination laws. 

A private investigator can offer a bespoke service tailored to your reason for needing a personal background check. This means a reputable agency or investigator should offer initial consultations to find out your requirements and discover the type of record checks that will be needed to determine the information you want. By discussing your requirements, any check carried out will be bespoke to you, so you only pay for what you need, giving you far more value for money than a large corporation that will simply do a generic check on automated databases. 

This level of attention also allows for a more meticulous search, and private investigators are trained to spot anomalies and irregularities that automated solutions may miss. With most investigators coming from a police or military background, you can ensure any search is carried out both thoroughly and with due diligence. 

Hiring a private investigator or employing the services of a security agency ensures your peace of mind that any information collected during the background check is handled sensitively and the background check itself is done discreetly. Make sure you find a private investigator that adheres to the industry wide ethical code of conduct, look out for professional accreditations and membership of organisations such as the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the UK Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN.) 

There are many companies out there that offer to conduct a background check, but you need to make sure that no vital information is missed that can cause future problems for your business or organisation. So to minimise the risk, it is best to consult an expert and hire a reputable private investigator. 

Background Checks with OpSec Solutions

If you are wanting to allay fears about a current partner, or you have suspicions about a potential date, then OpSec Solutions can offer you a personal service that is bespoke to your requirements. Our team takes time to assess every request in detail. After a consultation, we will outline a clear plan, tailored to the type of background check you require.  

With over 10 years of experience, OpSec Solutions have earned full accreditations from the Association of British Investigators, the Institute of Professional Investigators, and the U.K Professional Investigators Network. This means that, when employing any of the services provided by us, you have peace of mind that these experts will find the truth and any private investigative services, methods and techniques are carried out ethically, legally and with full confidentiality.  

During the course of any background check, private investigators will be collecting information regarding the identification of a person, as such, any private investigator is required to be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure adherence with data protection laws. Our team here at OpSec Solutions consistently meet the highest standard for registration and take the guidelines around obtaining and the subsequent storage extremely seriously, which helps protect your business and any data or evidence collected during the search. 

Hiring a private investigator can be a difficult experience for some and we want our clients to be able to trust us and feel comfortable about how we operate. By using a reputable firm such as OpSec, you ensure anyone working on your case has the required background in surveillance and record checking and is fully supported by our use of innovative technology solutions. This means we use techniques that will allow us to stay discreet and considerate and the object of your check will not be notified of any check or investigation. 

If you are in need of our help for a background check into an individual or any of the other services we offer here at OpSec Solutions, we are just a phone call or email away. Contact our team on 0123 456 789 or j[email protected] to arrange a free consultation today.

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