Bodyguard & Personal Protection

Bodyguard & Personal protection

In this current world climate of uncertainty and division, people are becoming progressively more security conscious. This increase in safety measures has led to a rise in the use of bodyguards and personal protection services. Previously, this level of close protection was usually reserved for VIP’s, but is now becoming more commonly utilised by regular people and organisations to protect themselves and their assets.

What is personal protection?

Personal protection is also known as close protection. Close protection security is the physical protection of client(s) from any possible threat of harm. This security measure is usually carried out by bodyguards trained to spot suspicious activity who provide ongoing security assessments, surveillance, and threat mitigation, with the aim of keeping a client safe from danger.

Although the primary purpose of personal protection is to ultimately keep a person safe, this does not necessarily mean just a visible deterrent in a bodyguard, but can involve surveillance, risk assessments and planning.

What is the job of a bodyguard?

Bodyguards are highly trained individuals, usually, but not exclusively, with a military or government background, hired to physically protect their clients from direct or indirect threats and danger. They are usually referred to as Close Protection Officers (CPOs) in the industry, and the terms CPOs and bodyguards can be used interchangeably when talking about personal protection.

Bodyguards are fully authorised to lawfully undertake any protective services required and have the experience needed to keep a client safe in any environment.

This high level of personal protection means the role of a bodyguard can change specific to client requirements. Bodyguards can provide an obvious presence as a deterrent, physically protecting and defending their client from harm and helping to diffuse any dangerous situation however they see fit, (within legal parameters.) They can also be called upon to provide 24 hour security when their client is at home, or in a property. They may also be tasked to protect their client whilst they are at an event, to provide routes and arrange specific transport for their client, protect valuable assets and possessions or they make simply be required to provide discreet protection and blend into their environment so as not to interfere with a client’s lifestyle.

Many people believe that bodyguards and close protection is exclusively a male role. However, although it can be a male dominated industry, there are female bodyguards and close protection officers working for nearly every agency, as there is no restriction on having a solely male bodyguard and if a woman is feeling particularly threatened, they may prefer female protection over male.

Why would I need a bodyguard or personal protection?

Even though personal protection is often solely considered for the rich and famous, personal protection can often provide safety and security for other reasons including:

  • Child protection
  • Protection in hostile environments
  • Protection against direct or indirect threats
  • Protection in cases of stalking
  • Corporate protection of assets

Personal protection may also include site protection if a specific location requires risk management, bodyguards can provide covert surveillance as well as a visible presence.

Event protection is another reason you may want to invest in personal protection, if there are multiple locations and you need close protection for individuals or valuable assets, bodyguards can provide mobile and static surveillance and physical protection.

Because personal protection covers such a wide range of scenarios, it is important to find a personal protection agency that matches your specific needs and requirements.

All bodyguards and close protection officers have different specialties and fields of expertise, and depending on your reasons for protection, your bodyguard may need to have specific qualifications such as paediatric first aid training or tactical driving and awareness.

The benefits of a bodyguard and personal protection

There are numerous benefits for clients when considering hiring personal protection for the safety of themselves and those closest to them. Personal protection and in particular, a bodyguard or close protection team can help keep clients safe against a variety of threats, no matter the danger.

As we referenced earlier in the article, the type of personal protection clients may need can vary, therefore one of the biggest benefits of close protection is the ability to hire specific types of bodyguard, with the correct specialised training that matches a client’s individual needs. This is a critical point given the general misconceptions of bodyguards held by the general public.

Another misconception around bodyguards is that they are all overt and visible to the general public and any waiting threats, an obvious deterrent. However, bodyguards can work covertly, blending in with their environment so as not to attract attention and provide more subtle surveillance.

Although the primary purpose of a bodyguard is to keep clients safe, the role of a bodyguard can be more complex. The job may involve static and mobile surveillance, risk assessments of sites and events, planning driving routes and providing driving escorts, or even driving their client or asset themselves. These ongoing security assessments are a huge benefit to clients that need personal protection and ensure the client always feels safe and secure.

Although the simple presence of a bodyguard is sometimes enough, bodyguards routinely utilise and operate technology as part of their protective services, including cutting edge technology in surveillance and recording equipment, tracking methods, and digital detection.

All bodyguards and close protection officers must hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Close Protections Licence. To get this, they need to have completed the Close Protection training course and hold a Level 3 certificate for working as a close protection operative within the private security industry. All bodyguards must also be a current, certified first aider. This licensing and accountability means clients can be reassured that they are in safe hands.

Close and personal protective services have had to evolve to create protection strategies and technology to match the current lifestyle of their clients, therefore the biggest benefit of hiring a bodyguard for personal protection is the flexibility of agencies and firms to accommodate all types of clients, all types of threat and all types of location.

Personal Protection from OpSec Solutions

At OpSec Solutions, they understand that clients will have specific needs and requirements related to the threat and risk level posed to them, location, and their lifestyle, which is why they offer the creation of comprehensive security and close protection services that are tailored to the client and their individual circumstances. From location and duration, to the services required, they will deliver exactly what you need, when and where you need it:

  • Providing visible protection as a deterrent
  • Operatives discreetly blending in with the environment
  • Male/female close protection officers
  • Regular or one off services
  • Individual or security team

So, whether you need personal protection for appearances, events or personal security and safety, OpSec can tailor their services to your needs, helping you feel safe and secure at all times.

They have years of experience in the security industry and have a team of expert and fully qualified bodyguards and close protection officers drawn from military, police, and corporate backgrounds. This range of expertise ensures they can provide the correct personal protection for their client in order to minimise the threat to individuals or assets. They also extensively use state-of-the-art technology to support their close protection teams and provide any evidence needed to help clients take any action further, should someone attempt to cause any damage or harm to an individual or asset. This ensures their safeguarding of any client is handled professionally and with minimum disruption to the personal lives of our clients.

Due to the global nature of protection and with many clients needing personal protection both home and abroad, OpSec’s close protection team can travel anywhere in the UK or even overseas, that includes travelling directly alongside the client or asset. By incorporating specialised training and recruiting operatives with a wealth of international experience, their bodyguards are able to undertake and complete overt and covert protection assignments that cover multiple territories, regions, and jurisdictions.

This commitment extends to their operating times. OpSpec understands that threats to a client’s security don’t just end with the working day, so regardless if it is 9-5, overnight or around the clock, they will provide their close protection services whenever a client needs it.   

OpSpec Solutions holds accreditations from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and have full insurance, so their clients can have peace of mind that any bodyguard assigned to them are fully authorised to undertake any protective services required and have the experience needed to keep a client safe in any environment. All work is carried out in complete confidentiality and all their bodyguards have a close protection licence.

Contact OpSpec Solutions today to talk about your requirements in more depth and see how we can help. Our team can provide a free consultation and assessment with a clear security plan tailored to your needs.

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