Can private investigators help find someone?

Yes. Private investigators are often highly skilled in location services and can be a great asset if you are looking to find someone. If you are a business, council or government agency, law firm or private individual looking to locate an individual, then you may not have the time or resources to conduct an investigation yourself. At this point, you should look at hiring a private detective to work on your behalf.

Why use a private investigator?

Private detectives or private investigators or tracing agents as they are often known, are experts in tracing individuals for a variety of reasons. With many coming from police, military, intelligence or corporate backgrounds, private investigators have the experience and skills needed to conduct covert surveillance, technological forensics, and research.

This can be particularly useful when it comes to the use of technology. With the world very firmly in a digital age and with everyone online, being able to make use of social media and access online databases and public records can provide vital information for any investigation into finding someone. In some cases, electronic surveillance may be required, which means any tracing agent needs the latest in cutting-edge technology to monitor locations and people that may be of interest to the case. With permission, private investigators can also legally access any video or audio recordings, corporate phone call records and review computer activity to ensure they have comprehensive details about a person during their search.

Finding a missing person

Location can be key when tracing an individual. Any private investigator should have local knowledge of the area the individual resides or works in. Even if someone has moved out of an area, either because they are missing or are actively avoiding being found, having a private investigator that is familiar with the local neighbourhood is of huge benefit, especially when it comes to speaking to local people who may have information on an individual. Using their local knowledge and expertise of an area gives a private investigator an advantage during an investigation and they are more likely to get the results they need than someone unfamiliar with the region.

Choosing the right private investigator

If you feel you have gone as far as you can in locating someone and have had no success, then hiring an expert is the logical next step. As the private investigation industry is unregulated, choosing the right expert is vital. You need a private detective you can trust, one that has an excellent reputation for location services and that will carry out all investigations discreetly and in line with all UK laws and regulations. This is especially important if you are a government agency or private company, where court-admissible evidence may be needed or if the individual is needed for witness purposes.

Despite the lack of government regulation, there are several trade bodies that uphold ethical rules by which a private investigation firm should follow. When considering hiring a private investigator or tracing agent, check reviews and whether they are a member of any of the following: Association of British Investigators (ABI), the UK Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN), Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) and the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI). This will help narrow down the professionals from the cowboys and protect you from falling foul of the law.

Finding someone with OpSec Solutions

We know that needing to trace an individual can be stressful and you can be unsure where to start searching. Start by leaving it to us here at OpSec Solutions. You can learn more about our tracing services, state-of-the-art technology, and how we can help you in our brochure. This has all the information you need and can be downloaded from our website.

Our specialist tracing agents can assess your circumstances and requirements and may ask for any information you have on the individual you want to trace, which enables us to give you a clear price, so you can be rest assured there will be no unexpected or hidden costs.

We also carry out all investigations with the utmost of care and attention, as in the case of missing persons, family and friends may find the situation challenging. We will also conduct any investigation discreetly and in confidence, so you know that any information collected will be safe, secure, and obtained and stored in compliance with all data protection laws and the target of the investigation will not be aware of any surveillance or attempts to find them.

We have private investigators in Manchester and Cheshire and private investigators London. Allowing us to cover all areas of the UK, particularly if you need tracing agents London or internationally. It does not matter who you are, whether your case is straightforward or has complexities, we can help you get the outcome you need. Please contact us today to discuss your options. You can get in touch via our website, by phone 0844-664-1125 or by email [email protected]

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