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What is Online Infidelity? Understanding Digital Affairs

Cheating Partner On Social Media

Just like everything else in life, our increased use of new technology is changing how people have affairs. Dating apps and encrypted chat systems have made it easier than ever to meet strangers in a swipe and hide intimate messages from a partner or spouse. But what about when someone doesn’t use them just to […]

Suspicious Minds – Signs that Your Spouse is Having an Affair

Suspicious Woman Watching

The King had it right. You really can’t go on together with suspicious minds. If you’re worried that your husband or wife is having an illicit affair behind your back, the suspicion and the worry can be worse than knowing. For your own peace of mind – and for divorce proceedings – you’ll need proof. […]

Can a Private Investigator Help My Divorce Case?

Matrimonial Surveillance

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. Not just because of the emotional stress, but also the complexities at each step. From the initial petition and grounds for divorce through to custody, financial settlements and ongoing maintenance and contact – there are several areas where disputes can arise. Needless to say, professional help can […]