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How to protect your online assets from fraud

As technology moves forward and digital platforms for individuals and businesses become the norm, it’s important to remember to protect yourself online. From dating scams to stealing corporate information, online fraud is becoming more advanced and prevalent than ever before. Whether you are a business looking to protect your assets or an individual wanting to […]

What can tracing agents legally do in the UK?


When you want to trace an individual, you may look at hiring a private investigator or tracing agent. They will usually cover a range of circumstances, from missing persons and locating assets to finding a witness or locating someone who has absconded from financial responsibilities. All investigations are carried out in full compliance with UK […]

Is your partner cheating?

matrimonial surveillance

Suspecting your partner of cheating is a stressful and worrying time and can cause a lot of anguish. When your relationship feels like it has changed or your partner is acting suspiciously, it can be easy to think the worst. However, it is important to be sure of the reasons behind their behaviour before you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Surveillance in the UK

As the population continues to grow, crime is becoming harder to manage. Police are underfunded, and they can’t be everywhere at once. With car thefts and robberies on the rise, many people are turning to surveillance to protect themselves. Although a CCTV camera won’t arrest a prospective burglar, it will ward them off and work […]

Reasons Why You Might Hire a Tracing Agent in London

What do you do when someone drops off the radar? Sometimes this isn’t a matter for the police, especially if the person in question is only trying to hide from you and hasn’t disappeared for anyone else. This is why people employ tracing agents. Tracing is a professional service that involves finding people that have […]

Choosing The Right Private Investigator – The Green and Red Flags You Need to Look Out for Before Hiring One

Hiring a private investigator is a big decision. It requires trust, trust that they are going to fulfil their side of the deal and help you to find the answers that you need. Because it is a big decision, there is a lot to consider. Hiring a private investigator is like buying a car, you […]

Five Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Being Disloyal, According to Private Detectives UK

Our partners are the only people we know better than ourselves. But what happens when that changes? What happens when the person who feels like a part of us begins to feel like a stranger? There can be many reasons for this, and they’re not always sinister. However, it is easy to think the worst, […]

The Biggest Scams Rocking the Online World in 2022, And How You Can Avoid Them

We have a lot going on in the world. Wars, pandemics, and the latest software’s are all giving scammers new and creative opportunities to try and take your hard-earned money. As scammers adapt, their tricks are starting to seem more genuine.  As private detectives in London, we are seeing a rise in online scams in […]

How can private investigators help prevent theft by employees

We live in an uncertain world, with many obstacles to overcome on a daily basis. The cost of living is skyrocketing as the energy price crisis filters down to our everyday lives. Companies producing goods will also be feeling the pinch and that cost is passed on to consumers. Therefore the temptation for employees to […]

Fraud Prevention with the Help of Private Investigators

Fraud is a common and growing problem that can be devastating to an individual or company and it can pay dividends to hire a private investigator as a preventative tool. There are many ways that a private investigator can work to help prevent fraud, especially in the workplace. Corporate fraud  With margins tight at many […]