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When Someone Goes Missing

Missing Persons

The idea of someone ‘going missing’ is highly distressing. For someone to be designated as ‘missing,’ someone else must be moved enough by their disappearance to be looking for them; someone else notes their absence and wants to find them. It indicates a connection that has been broken and a desire to restore it, on […]

Court Admissible Evidence: The Gold Standard in Private Investigation

Court Admissible Evidence

There can be all sorts of reasons for hiring a Private Investigator. Perhaps you suspect your spouse or partner of infidelity, or you think an employee may be calling in sick while being completely healthy. You could need to chase down a debt, or locate a missing person, or maybe even catch some fly-tippers or […]

Divorce: Proving Co-Habitation

Divorce: Proving Co-Habitation

The breakdown of a marriage is always stressful, regardless of the circumstances. Couples generally enter into matrimony in the full expectation of the union lasting a lifetime, and when that expectation is derailed in some way, it can be distressing and disorienting. The process of splitting up and becoming newly single is also understandably difficult […]

Catching School Place Cheaters with Private Investigation

School admissions can be a competitive business. Every year, families across the United Kingdom submit their applications

School admissions can be a competitive business. Every year, families across the United Kingdom submit their applications, hoping that their child is allocated a space in the school of their choice. For many, this is a simple process – visiting the educational institutions within acceptable distance and choosing between them. Deciding factors include Ofsted reports, […]

How to Spot a Stalker

How to Spot a Stalker

Stalking is a popular subject for fictional films and television shows, and for good reason. It is a terrifying concept, and the ideal subject matter for weaving tales filled with drama, suspense, and horror. The problem, in the real world, is that stalking does create all those things in the daily lives of thousands of […]

Using Private Investigators to Chase Debt

Using Private Investigators to Chase Debt

The incidence of debt in the U.K is very common under normal circumstances, but the Coronavirus pandemic has had a notable impact on those levels. The Guardian newspaper reported in December 2020[1] that, while higher-income households have generally managed to make savings through working at home, approximately 700,000 people have been “pushed” into poverty, and […]

Agricultural Crime: The Private Investigator Solution

Agricultural Crime

In terms of the current population, the U.K government estimates that 17% of us (9.5 million people) reside in rural areas.[1] The rural areas of the U.K are dominated by agriculture, with 149,000 farm businesses currently in operation. This is a vital industry that employs over 4 million people and contributes more than £120 billion […]

What is a Private Investigator Allowed to Do?

Private Investigator

Before you hire a Private Investigator, it is important to have an understanding of what exactly these professionals are allowed to do in the U.K. In order to understand that, we must first acknowledge the fact that the Private Investigation industry is unregulated by the U.K government. This may sound unnerving from the perspective of […]

Can a Private Investigator Find a Missing Person?

Private Investigation Services

Being unable to find a person who you need to contact is one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. Whether it’s hunting down a debtor who’s withholding a payment that your business needs to survive, or tracking down an at-risk family member, it’s tough to know who to turn to. Making […]