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5 signs you need to conduct a corporate investigation

corporate investigation

Theft, non-compliance, and data breaches can all have a negative impact on your business. When an issue occurs, either with compliance due to poor audit and security controls, a data breach or suspected fraud or theft, a business can suffer from severe reputational and financial damage. Especially if they have failed to meet current compliance legislation.  […]

What is Close Protection?

What is Close Protection?

Close protection security is the physical protection of client(s) from any possible threat of harm. This security measure is usually carried out by close protection officers (CPOs) who provide ongoing security assessments, surveillance, and threat mitigation, with the aim of keeping a client safe from danger. This level of safety precaution has often been reserved […]

How to Manage your Corporate Security

How to Manage your Corporate Security

In an increasingly digitised world, corporate security is having to move on from the simple locking of office filing cabinets, a guard on the gate or implementing a basic intranet system. With technological advances comes an increase in cybercrime and as such, a higher security risk, meaning that businesses are having to continually adapt to […]

Bodyguard & Personal Protection

Bodyguard & Personal protection

In this current world climate of uncertainty and division, people are becoming progressively more security conscious. This increase in safety measures has led to a rise in the use of bodyguards and personal protection services. Previously, this level of close protection was usually reserved for VIP’s, but is now becoming more commonly utilised by regular […]

Rogue Traders: The Private Investigation Solution

Rogue Traders

In the popular consciousness, the use of the term ‘rogue trader’ tends to shift over time. While the generally accepted, ‘official’ definition is “an employee of a financial institution who carries out business without the knowledge or approval of his or her bosses,” this explanation only reached the heights of social discourse in 1995 when […]

Today’s Teens: Do You Know Your Child’s Situation?

Today’s Teens

For teenagers today, the world can be fraught with danger. Modern technology and modern lifestyles, combined with the challenges of puberty, results in young people with a tendency toward risk-taking behaviour being placed in potentially risky situations. Even the most attentive of families can miss warning signs of impending and growing issues, and family dynamics […]

Ransomware: The Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity


The Chief Executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, Lindy Cameron, has issued a stark warning that it is ransomware that now poses the biggest threat to cybersecurity around the world. While addressing the Royal United Services Institute in London on Monday 14th June 2021, the senior official explained that the threat posed by organised […]

Protecting Your Business Against Corporate Fraud

Corporate Fraud

Every business is susceptible to fraud, due to the nature of modern commercial operations. Success in business means having a strong supply chain made up of a network of third party organisations. It also means having a thriving workforce, and an infrastructure that is agile, scalable, and fit for purpose. While all these things are […]

Is Your Employee Really Ill?

Employee illness

Before the Coronavirus pandemic took hold of the United Kingdom in the spring of 2020, employee illness was causing the loss of an estimated 141.4 million working days, equating to 4.4 days per worker, per year. These figures, measured in 2018, indicate costs to the economy that run to millions, but costs of employee illness […]