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How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

We hear about identity theft all the time. Our banks bombard us with reminders about the importance of protecting ourselves, and the U.K government regularly runs publicity campaigns highlighting the issue. Despite all this public awareness, however, instances of identity theft are at an all-time high, having reached global levels described by the Royal United […]

GDPR and Private Investigation: Exploring Post-Brexit Impacts

GDPR and Private Investigation: Exploring Post-Brexit Impacts

Data privacy has always been an important issue in the field of Private Investigation. In many respects, the sole purpose of Private Investigation is the collection of various forms of personal data – whether that be movements and behaviours, or private financial information. It is a complicated area because, while the industry is technically unregulated, […]

Why Security Risk Management is Vital in Event Planning

Security Risk Management

The 20th January 2021 marks the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden. This four-yearly event is a long-standing tradition, and usually features a parade, and a public swearing-in ceremony attended by crowds of thousands in Washington, D.C. A significant proportion of the senior leadership of the U.S.A also attend, along […]

Protecting Yourself Against Romance Fraud

Romance Fraud

In today’s digital world, online dating is big business. While the first online dating service was technically launched in 1959 – using a questionnaire and an IBM 650 to create matches – the rapid expansion of internet usage from the mid-1990s onward has seen exponential growth in the range of dating sites available. Since the […]

5 Reasons Why Security is Vital at Major Events


In the world of security, it’s always better safe than sorry. And, for those that are planning major events, you should make sure that security is a top priority. Improper security planning can result in stress and in worst cases, a crisis. Instead of simply reacting, you can manage, mitigate and eliminate threats in advance […]