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Spotting Fraudulent Injury Claims

Fraudulent Injury Claims

During the course of 2019, insurance companies detected 107,000 fraudulent claims, amounting to £1.2 billion. Within this statistic are false injury claims, buried within motor insurance claims and liability claims – otherwise known as ‘slip and trips’. Those perpetrating these claims may well do so in the belief that insurance fraud is somehow a ‘victimless […]

CCTV: Know Where You Stand


As a concept, closed-circuit-television (CCTV) originates from Russia. Leon Theremin developed the first rudimentary, manually operated system in 1927, for the purpose of boosting security at the Kremlin in Moscow. It was later developed further by Germany in 1942 and was used to monitor V-2 rocket launches. In those early days, the use of the […]

Private Investigation Can Be Your Answer to Corporate Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime Investigations

Awareness of corporate cyber crime has significantly increased in recent years but, for all the media attention on the highest profile cases, it can be difficult to develop an understanding of the best approach to protecting your own business. Installing the latest security software, and training staff in data protection are both legitimate internal defensive […]

Remote Employee Monitoring – Is Your Team Actually Working?

Remote Worker

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the remote working landscape, with Boris Johnson urging Brits to work from home where possible. By the end of April, it’s estimated that 60% of the UK’s adult population was working from home due to the social distancing measures triggered by the pandemic. Moving forward, experts predict the shift towards […]

Monitoring on the Move – How Private Investigators Track Vehicles

driving a car

Tracking movement can be difficult. While static monitoring is a simple task for any experienced agent – and OpSec Solutions employ a lot of very experienced agents – things can get much trickier once the target of your surveillance gets out on to the road. Vehicle tracking and monitoring is one of the most difficult […]

UK Tracing Agents: What Are They & What Can They Do?

Tracing Agents UK

Tracing agents provide a critical service to businesses and individuals across the UK. They help you trace a person for court proceedings, reconnection or just peace of mind. But how do they work? Who can they trace? And is it all legal? As specialist tracing agents in London, Manchester and across the UK, we’re best […]

What is Counter Surveillance? And Do I Need It?

CCTV Watching People

Do you have concerns about your phone being tapped? Are you worried about your confidential meetings being recorded? Do you think hidden cameras are a cause for concern? If so, you might need counter surveillance in your home or workplace. Great. But what is what is counter surveillance exactly? Counter surveillance protects you from unwanted […]