Everything You Need to Know About Surveillance in the UK

As the population continues to grow, crime is becoming harder to manage. Police are underfunded, and they can’t be everywhere at once. With car thefts and robberies on the rise, many people are turning to surveillance to protect themselves. Although a CCTV camera won’t arrest a prospective burglar, it will ward them off and work as valuable evidence in court. 

So, what do you need to know about surveillance in the UK? What types of surveillance are available, and what are the legal obligations around using it? As private investigators in London, we are security experts. This is why we have designed this article to tell you everything you need to know about UK surveillance.

What Types of Surveillance Are There?

There are many different types of surveillance available, so many that you couldn’t cover them all in one article. The main thing to note is that there are two main types: mass surveillance and targeted surveillance.

The most common form of mass surveillance is CCTV. It is estimated that there is one camera for every 13 people in the UK. In 2020, it was estimated that 5.5million security cameras were operating across the nation.

CCTV is a popular security solution because it is cost-effective and easily accessible. It brings a layer of comfort knowing that we can still check on our home or business while we’re away, and it’s a good deterrent for thieves. They’re a little bit like car dash cams, you hope you’ll never need them, but if the worst-case scenario happens, you’ll be glad you have them.

Private detectives are a second type of surveillance. They’re more proactive than CCTV as you usually employ a private detective to actively pursue someone, whereas CCTV is stationary and is used to monitor a particular area. There are many reasons that people employ a private detective. Some of them are commercial, like a business wanting to check out a new partner or supplier, whereas others are used for personal reasons, like checking for infidelity in a relationship.

As private investigators in London, we have been employed for a variety of different reasons, both in people’s personal and professional lives. You can discover more about how private investigators can protect you and give you peace of mind by booking a free consultation with us here.

What Are The Benefits of Surveillance in The UK

Not everyone agrees with surveillance. This is understandable, our privacy is something that we all hold close to our hearts. However, there is no denying that surveillance in the UK has many benefits. It has brought criminals to justice, and, in the most extreme cases, it has saved lives.

The main reason for mass surveillance is that it provides an extra layer of protection. Law enforcement can’t possibly cover every town and street. Mass surveillance equipment like CCTV means that there are still eyes on unprotected areas. This scares criminals away and provides evidence in court if any crimes happen within the watchful eye of a camera.

This layer of protection also extends to our homes and businesses. Criminals are less likely to act if they know that they are going to be recorded while breaking the law. Also, if unscrupulous activity does take place-like a car being broken into or a valuable item being stolen- then you can use the captured footage when dealing with the police.

Targeted surveillance also has its benefits. For businesses, the benefits include collecting evidence for court hearings, uncovering criminal activity within the business, and having peace of mind about the intentions of new associates. All of these are things that a private detective in London can help you with. 

A private investigator answers the questions that keep you up at night, like is your spouse being loyal? If you have questions about someone close to you either personally or professionally, then using targeted surveillance with the help of a private investigator in London is the solution for you. 

What Surveillance is Legal in the UK? 

The rules behind CCTV are easy to follow. The cameras must only be able to cover areas that you own. If you are installing them in your home, then you must try to minimise their view of neighbouring properties. 

If you need to request CCTV footage which includes you or your vehicle’s licence plate, then there are procedures that the owner of the camera must follow. If this is a neighbour or someone you know, then they might just give it to you. If it is a business and you’re requesting footage (a stranger’s car reversing into yours for example), then they might need to get the police involved.

As for targeted surveillance, this has more rules and regulations, which is why it’s so important to work with a professional company like Opsec Solutions. There is a lot to dive into, so much in fact that we wrote a whole article on it. You can view this article and discover more about the legislation behind using a private detective in London or other areas of the UK by clicking here

Private Investigators in London 

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to surveillance. You need to know that what you are doing is legal. You also need to know that the option you chose is going to yield the results you need. 

At Opsec Solutions, we have experience dealing with all aspects of commercial and personal security. We know how to keep you, your premises, your assets, and your loved ones secure. We give you the peace of mind and results that you need.

Because there are many things to consider, we offer free consultations. These consultations are an opportunity to learn more about what we do and how we help. At the end of it, you’ll know exactly what type of security or surveillance you need, and you’ll know exactly how Opsec Solutions can help. Organise your free consultation today by clicking here.

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