Five Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Being Disloyal, According to Private Detectives UK

Our partners are the only people we know better than ourselves. But what happens when that changes? What happens when the person who feels like a part of us begins to feel like a stranger? There can be many reasons for this, and they’re not always sinister. However, it is easy to think the worst, and when we do think our partners are cheating, it can tear the relationship apart.

Maybe your partner needs some emotional support or is going through a difficult patch, so you need to be certain that they are being unfaithful before pointing the finger. At OpSec Solutions, we act as private investigators in Manchester and other regions across the UK. Our services give our clients the certainty they need to confront their partners. But, in helping our clients, we have seen some early warning signs. Five signs in particular that point toward infidelity, signs that we are going to share with you in this article. 

  1.  Secretiveness 

At OpSec Solutions, we have noticed that secretiveness is the biggest sign of infidelity, especially if you and your partner have always had an open and honest relationship. Disloyal partners tend to hide even the smallest of things. At first, this can be avoiding telling you who that text message or phone call was from. This can then develop into poor explanations as to why they came back so late after work, or why their manager has asked them to work away over the weekend.

This secrecy can soon develop into aggression. For example, your partner might begin to accuse you of being ‘controlling’ when you ask them about late-night stays at the office or the new ‘friend’ that they are spending a lot of time with. Some people use aggression as a method of hiding their guilt and making you feel like you’re being paranoid so that you stop asking questions.

  1. Change of Technology/ Increased Use of It

It is not uncommon for couples to share emails, social media accounts and passwords. If you have been in a relationship where your use of technology is shared, and your partner suddenly decides they no longer want this, then it’s a red flag.

For example, if you usually share an iPad or tablet with your spouse, and they suddenly buy one for themselves or stop sharing it with you, then this could be because they have something to hide. The same principle applies to a sudden change in passwords and things like cloud sharing being switched off devices.

Finally, if your other half is repeatedly deleting their browser history or always keeping their mobile phone close to their chest, then this can also be a negative sign. If they are always texting or calling someone, especially at strange times, then it might be worth asking the question or seeking the advice of a private detective UK like OpSec Solutions.

  1. Attitude Changes and Indifference 

At OpSec Solutions, one of the top things that drive clients to us is a sudden change in their partner’s attitude. One of the biggest changes reported is indifference. Faithful partners say that their disloyal others became very distant when they began to cheat. They wouldn’t show much interest in their partners and would spend very little time talking to them.

The same issues were reported with affection. Unfaithful lovers would show less affection to their other half, especially when in public. Going back to point one, anger also seemed to become a more frequent emotion. The guilty party would become hostile towards their other half and seemingly get annoyed over little things, especially when questioned about their newfound attitude. 

  1. Changes to Your Sex Life 

A warning sign of disloyalty is a significant decrease in sexual activity with your partner or having virtually no sex life at all. At first, your partner might use excuses like being “too tired” or “not feeling well”, however, if this continues for a number of months, then it becomes a problem that is easy to worry about. 

This can work the other way too. If your partner is suddenly wanting to try new things or is doing/asking for things in the bedroom that they have never done before, then this can be a warning sign. This is one of the hardest things to spot, as trying new things can mean that your partner wants to be more intimate with you. But, if it is coming with a combination of the other signs, then it is worth confronting your partner or getting reassurance from private detectives UK.

  1.  Sudden Changes in Appearance 

If we have been with our partner for a while, then it’s easy to grow comfortable. We stop dressing as we did on our first date, and we start to let our hair down around them. So, when our partner takes sudden pride in their appearance or starts experimenting with brand-new styles, it can come as a shock.

For example, a disloyal partner might start to dress much smarter when they go to work or go out with friends. They might start wearing new styles that you have never seen them in previously or applying new aftershave/perfume. 

This also extends to health and fitness. Is your partner suddenly interested in going to the gym or eating healthy? This can be a positive thing and isn’t much of a red flag on its own, but if this comes at the same time as any of the other signs mentioned above, then it is worth having a conversation with them.

Freeing Your Mind with a Private investigator Manchester

From our experience working as private detectives in Manchester and across the UK, the signs outlined in this article are the main indicators that your partner is being unfaithful. However, they aren’t concrete evidence. For example, your partner caring for their appearance could be due to their mental health, and long hours at the office could be a result of career stress.

Before you confront your partner, you need to be certain that what you suspect is true, otherwise, they will explain their way out of it. By hiring Opsec Solutions as your private investigator, you get your facts straight. You create an irrefutable case that leaves you with the certainty you desire.

We are offering a free consultation where we will give you our advice and help you to find the truth. There is no peer pressure or hard sell, but our time together will arm you with the information you need to tackle infidelity head-on.
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