Fraud Prevention with the Help of Private Investigators

Fraud is a common and growing problem that can be devastating to an individual or company and it can pay dividends to hire a private investigator as a preventative tool.

There are many ways that a private investigator can work to help prevent fraud, especially in the workplace.

Corporate fraud 

With margins tight at many firms due to the current energy crisis, stopping fraud in its tracks is crucial and can save thousands of pounds.

Corporate fraud takes a number of forms and company theft is a big issue.

Both in the office environment and with factory-based jobs, there is equipment that can be stolen and re-sold at a decent price. 

Temptation will be there but companies can fight back with the use of a private investigator.

Using an individual or team to undertake surveillance on a suspect is one way of obtaining results.

Criminals need to off-load their stolen goods and photographic evidence will help secure a conviction should the case go to court.

There is also the possibility of planting an investigator in a workplace to try and gain the confidence of a person suspected of theft.

Corporate fraud can also include employees taking time off work for illness or injury when they are perfectly well and capable of carrying out their duties.

Once again, catching the suspects red-handed with the use of an investigator is the way to find a rotten apple. 

Workers’ compensation claims can ruin companies and, while many are legitimate, fraudulent claims are also commonplace.

There have been high-profile cases reported in the media, with private investigators used to catch the culprit. 

Employees claiming compensation for work-related problems have been photographed working elsewhere in jobs their so-called injuries would prevent them from carrying out. 

Prevention better than cure 

Using a private investigator to look into ways that company fraud could be carried out is a way to fix a problem before it occurs.

OpSec Solutions will provide a private detective London companies can hire to ascertain the methods that could be used to commit fraud on the business.

This will lead to better protection for the business going forward as internal controls are tightened.

Background Checks

While the interview process is fine for deciding if a potential employee is the best person for the job, it cannot look too deeply into someone’s history.

A private investigator can conduct a thorough background check to determine if they have a criminal record or have been involved with fraud.

An individual may be responsible for millions of pounds of company money and proper checks should prevent embezzlement and ensure that some of it does not find its way into the wrong account. 

Online Fraud

With most businesses now online, it is inevitable that online fraud is on the up.

Theft of personal client data is a serious issue and is now easier than ever due to advanced technology.

Private investigation companies have the expertise to fight back against this type of fraud.

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