How can private investigators help prevent theft by employees

We live in an uncertain world, with many obstacles to overcome on a daily basis. The cost of living is skyrocketing as the energy price crisis filters down to our everyday lives. Companies producing goods will also be feeling the pinch and that cost is passed on to consumers.

Therefore the temptation for employees to help themselves while in the workplace has increased. From food production to high-tech goods, nothing is off limits to those with light fingers. 

The nature of the business concerned will determine the risk to a firm.

Modern office workplaces are full of technology to aid the smooth running of a business and these are usually costly.

PCs and laptops are essential items and often companies will have spares stored away or waiting to be installed.

They can fetch a decent price on the black market. While the loss of one or two to theft might not be too much of an issue for large companies, smaller firms with tight margins can ill afford to lose such items.

Proving theft, unless someone is caught red-handed, is tricky, especially as the goods may be moved on quickly.

When should a company hire a private investigator 

The use of CCTV is a huge help but not every workplace is equipped with the latest cameras while many are outdated and do not work properly. 

That is where hiring a private investigator can help companies track down and recover stolen goods to bring those responsible to justice.

Suspicion may fall on an individual within the office but without evidence, prosecution is tough.

OpSec Solutions offer surveillance services to help gather evidence on an individual suspected of company theft.

Photographic or video evidence will prove vital if a case goes to trial. Our fully-trained agents will use the best tech available to achieve results. 

But there are many types of workplace, with factories also vulnerable to theft.

Not only the goods being produced but machinery and tools used by operatives on a daily basis.

Alternative methods of surveillance 

Once again, gathering evidence on a suspect is key and can help gain a conviction if the case goes to trial.

It may also be prudent to place an undercover agent in the workplace to try to gain trust with someone suspected of theft.

With the correct approach, an agent might be able to prise information from an employee vital to catching the culprit.

Theft of time a problem for private investigators to solve

Stealing of physical goods can be costly but there is also an issue with employees taking time off work that they are not entitled to.

Genuinely ill people are not a problem and will return to work when healthy again but the more unscrupulous may look to pull the wool over their boss’s eyes.

This could come in the form of many short-term absences or a long-term problem that keeps someone away from their job for many months.

Once again, it is tricky for employers to police as they need evidence to call on if the case goes to a tribunal or court.

Small firms would in most cases not have the manpower to assign anyone specifically to monitor the movements of absent employees.

And an absentee would soon get wise to a work colleague turning up on the doorstep to check up on them.

A private investigator may be the answer to this dilemma. Surveillance techniques would include garnering photographic and video evidence of the suspect’s movements.

And an agent could also be assigned to go undercover and engage in conversation with the possible fraudster. 

High-tech devices can record dialogue in the hope that someone suspected of defrauding a company might incriminate themselves. 

This is a skilled practice and needs to be carried out by a professional private investigator. 

Fighting back against the fraudsters

Private investigators could have a major role to play when employees are involved in claims against a company for workplace injuries.

Such actions can run into thousands of pounds and also cause harm to the firm’s reputation. 

Catching the so-called injured party engaged in activities incompatible with their ‘problem’ is key to heading off the claim at the pass.

There have been well-documented examples of employees actually working elsewhere while supposedly incapacitated.

Using a private investigative firm to catch them in the act is one way a company can make sure their reputation remains intact. 

A private investigator is a useful tool when looking to thwart company theft and a cost-effective way of dealing with a problem before it escalates.

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