How Organisations Large and Small Can Protect Their Greatest Assets with Risk Management

As our business and notoriety grow, our risk increases. We must acknowledge this if we want to keep ourselves, our premises, and our staff safe. We must analyse the worst-case scenarios and put plans in place to prevent and react to them.

As private detectives London, we have years of experience managing and lowering the risk that businesses face. Through this experience, we have picked up some simple tips to protect you and your company. Simple tips that we will share in this article. Prevention is better than cure, so below is our guide to preventing threats and protecting your assets. 

Protecting You and Your Teams- Advice from Private Detectives London

Banks, building societies, and corporate offices all have a history of being at risk from unscrupulous individuals. Now, this doesn’t have to be as frightening as a full-blown attack, but hopeful thieves and disgruntled customers are plausible risks that need to be managed. There have been instances where a particularly unhappy customer has taken it on themselves to threaten a case handler they have been dealing with, and in some instances, take their threats a step further.

We understand that these situations can sound extreme or uncommon. It is human nature to think these things won’t happen to us (as private investigators in London, we hear this all the time), but no business that has fallen victim to an attack ever expected it to happen to them. 

Now, this doesn’t mean to say you need a bodyguard for each member of staff, however, surveillance systems are a must. Not only do they give you evidence against anyone who does pose a threat, but they also deter people from stealing or committing crimes. 

You can take this a step further and have on-site security. People who are professionally trained to deal with various scenarios, from bomb threats to aggressive visitors. We recommend speaking with a private detective first though so that they can analyse what you’ll need. For example, at OpSec Solutions, we offer free risk management consultations which you can book here.

Finally, have a system in place that staff can use to report risks, whether that’s an unattended bag or a threat from a caller. Create systems and turn these systems into documents which can be shared amongst your employees. Make sure that everyone in your organisation knows what the correct process is when a potential threat arises. 

Protecting Your Events- Advice from Private Detectives London

Events bring their own kind of problems. Not only do you have to think about your safety, but you also have to think about the protection of hundreds, if not thousands, of other people. There is a lot to bear in mind when managing the risk of large events, but the below will give you some good starting points.

The main thing to check is entrances and exits. If an emergency does happen, what is the quickest way for people to evacuate? If different areas have different evacuation routes, then you need to explain the protocol to guests so that they know what to do in an emergency. If there is one route, like a fire exit in the case of a fire, then this is much easier to organise.

Knowing your entrance points means it is easier to check who is coming into the event. Place security at these points. It is up to you how far you take it, security guards can simply check tickets and ID, or they can search bags, run people through metal detectors, and even use drug dogs. Sitting down with a security company like OpSec Solutions before you organise your event and creating a risk management plan will help you to identify what level of security you’re going to need.

Finally, you need to protect your assets. An asset can be a new product that you’re unveiling or an expensive piece of equipment. In most cases, the asset will be you or one of your VIPs. This is especially true if you are a public figure. Although ransom attacks are rare, they’re not unheard of.

You can use close protection for this, bodyguards who will put your safety before theirs. They’re professionally trained and will plan your movements for you, including the route you take to and from the event. Because these teams are experienced, it removes the worry from your shoulders. They know what to do and how to keep you safe, so you can keep your focus on the day ahead.

The Most Important Step

Planning is the key to risk management. It is all about carefully analysing situations, understanding the potential risks, and putting roadblocks in place to stop them from happening. It is also about understanding how to react correctly if a threat arises. Once you have these systems in place, write them down and share them with your teams. Make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to do in any given situation. 

You need to speak with a professional security company like OpSec Solutions before putting plans in place. If you don’t, then you can underprepare and put yourself at risk, or overprepare and waste money. Although we have offices based in London and Manchester, we work across the UK to protect our clients and manage their risks. We know what to look out for, and we know how to protect you.
We are offering free consultations for risk management. Contact us today by clicking here to organise yours. From close protection to on-site security, we offer a full, tailored service to keep you, your site, and your teams safe. Contact us and reclaim your peace of mind today with our free, no-obligation consultation.

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