How to reduce the risk of employee theft

Corporate security is essential for any businesses looking to protect themselves from employee theft. With the rise of digital technology, it is imperative that you take steps to reduce the external risk arising from the advanced digital age, however, it is equally important you have the risk management services in place to prevent the internal risks associated with hiring any employee. In particular, those associated with possible employee theft.

Theft of company assets can vary from simply stealing supplies through to funnelling corporate data to competitors. To successfully mitigate the threat this poses and create a safe working environment as well as keeping any business assets secure, you should look to be proactive and implement an agile security framework that can help protect your business.

Security and private investigators UK often have risk management services available and can offer a cost-effective solution to your corporate security.

Any comprehensive risk assessment and risk management solution should include the following as part of their policies:

  • Employee Background Checks – Employee background checks are fast becoming an essential part of the hiring process. Verifying who someone says they are is not just important in the childcare sector but with access to a criminal record check, right to work and reference checks, you can help protect your business across all industry sectors. We would always recommend hiring a private investigator to conduct employee background checks as they have the skills to follow digital footprints and access databases that will hold the information needed. They are also fully aware of the laws and legislation in place around what you can and cannot do for a background check, so by hiring an expert you know you are staying compliant with regulations.

    Having a background check can also reassure you that there can be a level of trust in your potential employee, and they will be a good fit with your business and business ethics and values. This will help reduce the risk of any future employee theft.
  • Monitoring – Using technology to monitor a range of internal media and communication and with legal access to video and audio recordings, corporate phone call records and computer activity, as well as reviewing documents and internal audit controls, private investigators can help assess any weaknesses where security breaches are likely to happen and provide recommendations on how best to protect your business. Risk assessments can form part of a wider strategy by private investigators to help protect your business from theft. You should also monitor your competitors where you can, if competitors appear to be matching your innovations, then you may have a breach.
  • GPS Tracking of Company Vehicles – If you have company vehicles, then it is important to watch out for unauthorised vehicle use which can have unnecessary costs for your business and essentially amounts to theft. GPS tracking and geofencing are useful tools to manage this risk and give you the information needed if you suspect an employee is using a company vehicle for personal use.  
  • Premises security – Risk management solutions should also extend to business locations and premises. This helps protect your property, your employees and assets or information held on-site and prevent theft of the above. Security systems, including surveillance, should form an integral part of your corporate risk management and in the event of a theft, the surveillance footage could help provide the evidence needed to take action in a court of law.

If you implement the steps in the list above, you are far more likely to reduce the risk of employee theft. However, it is hugely important to stay compliant with the law and any data protection regulations in place in your country, so make sure any monitoring you do, either internally or by using a private investigator, is in line with what is legally allowed. This will protect not only your employees, but your business from any financial or reputational damages caused by non-compliance.

Any evidence collected must have been done so lawfully in order for it to be court admissible and allow your business to take action should any employee be found to be stealing.

We would always recommend hiring a private investigator should you suspect any of your employees of theft or use a tracing agent if an employee disappears after any company asset is missing.

How OpSec Solutions can help 

OpSec Solutions balances a team of highly trained personnel from corporate backgrounds, with years of experience in corporate security, with state-of-the art equipment and technology, to help identify security risks and where you are most likely to experience breaches of data in your business and provide security advice to prevent this employee theft.  This proactive approach and the strategies created by OpSec Solutions that are specifically tailored to you, can help protect your organisation, information, and assets, by helping you anticipate weaknesses, and prevent theft and data breaches before they happen.   

We are fully accredited, professional standard, security service that can conduct security assessments to help protect key areas of your business and to provide risk management solutions and the framework needed for a secure environment and smooth running of your operations. We can also provide a range of support and investigative techniques in cases of corporate/employee theft.

Using our technology to monitor a range of media and with legal access to video and audio recordings, corporate phone call records and computer activity, we can help assess any security breaches and provide the evidence you need. We can also use vehicle tracking devices to electronically track the location of one or more vehicles.  

  • Protect your property by examining on-site movements  
  • Comprehensive employee background checks
  • Monitor employees’ activity if you suspect theft  
  • Check whether someone is emailing or calling people they shouldn’t  
  • See how (and where) company cars or vans are being used  

If you think OpSec Solutions could help you for any of your corporate security needs, or if you suspect theft within your business enterprise, then please contact our team using our contact form on the website or call us on 0844 6641125.

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