How to trace witnesses

If you are looking to trace a witness, then using a private investigator can be a cost-effective solution in both time and resources. This sort of service is offered by most private investigation firms and can be extremely useful if time is an issue, as they have the skills needed to identify key information and the expertise needed to conduct covert operations. 

Tracing a witness is a common request private investigators receive from solicitors and law firms. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as for probate or for a court case, however, the methodology and techniques used in successful tracing investigations is based on several core principles. 

Using available technology

With everyone online, the use of technology in tracing witnesses is paramount to the success of the operation. When doing this type of investigation, private investigators are fully aware of the need to be discreet with their surveillance and use the digital tools they have at their disposal to help narrow down their search and identify the whereabouts of an individual.  

With modern advances in technology, there are now new ways for a private detective to conduct investigations into the whereabouts of an individual, which means experience in technology and software is a key element of a successful private investigator.  

  • Background Checks - A thorough background check is often the first step to tracing an individual. Private Investigators can use social media, access all public records, including criminal records and unsealed court documents, as well as databases that may not be accessible to the public. While private documents, including credit reports, can only be viewed with the express permission of the owner, there are many public documents and records that will often provide the necessary information to enable a private investigator to conduct a thorough background check, and can help identify the location of a witness. 
  • Technological forensics - If it is necessary and under certain circumstances, private investigators can carry out mobile phone and computer forensics to recover deleted information. This is particularly useful when trying to trace a witness who has left behind a technical device such as a phone or laptop. Although this step is not usually required, private investigators should have the technological skill to be able to use and uncover information on digital devices. 
  • Electronic Surveillance – A good private investigator will usually have available the latest in innovative technology to be able to survey and monitor a range of media. With permission, they can legally access video and audio recordings, corporate phone call records and computer activity to find out information that may lead them to the location of a witness. 

Local Knowledge of the area 

Location can be key when tracing a witness. Even if you suspect a witness is no longer residing at their home address, having a private investigator that is familiar with that locale can have a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to speaking to local people who may have information on an individual. 

Private investigators can use their local knowledge and expertise to their advantage during an investigation and are far more likely to obtain the evidence they need that points to the whereabouts of a subject if they are acquainted with the area they work in. We would always recommend using a private investigator local to the witness’ home location. 

Experience and expertise

If you are looking for an expert to locate a witness, then you will need to ensure that the private investigation is carried out by private investigators or tracing agents with experience in location services and who can work with agencies both in the UK and abroad. 

Private investigators are now highly skilled and highly trained, with most having former backgrounds with the police, military, corporate or intelligence services. With new standards, industry accreditations and advances in technology, private investigation firms have to be at the top of their game for the services they offer and tracing an individual is no exception. 

The experience of a private investigator can make all the difference in results. Having a police background is particularly helpful when needing to know how people are likely to react given a certain situation, how they will behave and where they are likely to hide. 

Private investigation firms should be expected to draw on their prior experience and contacts, as well as using their background and abilities to be able to successfully trace a witness. 

Why Choose OpSec Solutions for Tracing a witness?

Here at OpSec Solutions, we understand that there are certain circumstances where you would rather an individual or witness you are tracing is not alerted to the search. This can be for both legal or personal reasons, so that is why all our research can be done covertly and in confidence and any information we provide is secure and strictly confidential. 

We are fully accredited by the Association of British Investigators, the Institute of Professional Investigators, and the U.K Professional Investigators Network. This ensures that, when employing any of the services provided by OpSec Solutions, you have peace of mind that these experts will find the truth and any private investigative services, methods and techniques are conducted ethically, legally and with full confidentiality.  

As private investigators must collect information regarding the identification of a person, they are required to be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure adherence with data protection laws. The team at OpSec Solutions consistently meet the highest standard for registration and take the guidelines around obtaining and the subsequent storage extremely seriously, this helps protect the business, the client and any information collected during the course of tracing a witness. 

Adhering to these standards allows OpSec solutions to remain highly regarded within the industry and ensures that you, the client, gets the evidence, or in this case, the witness, you may need for further action, and you do not get involved with any illegalities or wrongdoing that may cause financial, legal, and reputational damage.  

OpSec Solutions are highly experienced in the field of tracing witnesses and have a proven track record of delivering actionable results quickly, and with the utmost discretion. Our team of professionals can provide a bespoke service that accommodates the needs of your case, without incurring any hidden costs. Get in touch today using our contact form on the website or call us on 0844-664-1125 to discuss your options and find out how OpSec Solutions can help you.

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