Introducing the New OpSec Website


OpSec Solutions are proud to announce the launch of our new website. We are dedicated to constantly improving our systems and services for our customers, and this website is just another way of displaying our commitment to providing the very best service.

As well as giving us a new, refreshed look, our new website has a range of new features, specifically designed to make yours and our lives easier. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the many features we have added to our new site, and how they can help you?

List of accreditations

In order to help you to clearly see why we’re the best at what we do, we’ve added a web page with a list of all our accreditations. We aim to give you complete peace of mind that we’re a company you can trust. And our accreditations do just that.

We’re very proud to be members of highly respected boards and associations, including the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the Fraud Advisory Panel (FAP). Here is a full list of our accreditations.

Brand new blog

We’re thrilled to have added a blog to our new website, packed with industry news, resources, expert guides and answers to some of the most asked questions in the industry. If you’re looking for more information or want to learn more about investigations, check out our blog, which will be regularly updated with new, exciting content.


When it comes to choosing a private investigator, we understand that you don’t want to be going back and forth with our team to find out the basics. That’s why we’ve added a FAQ page to our new website, giving you the answers you need to the questions you have on your mind.

Request a consultation

Meeting with a member of our team has never been easier with our new consultation request page. You can arrange a meeting with us to discuss your case, get a feel for our team and understand how we work. And don’t worry, all our initial consultations are free and come with no obligation to continue with our services.

Stay in touch

With so many new and exciting things coming for OpSec Solutions, you don’t want to miss out! Follow us on our social media to look out for new launches and regular updates.

For more information, contact our team of experts on [email protected] or 0844-664-1125 today. We can give you the evidence you need to act and safeguard your guests against threats. Our team is ready for any challenge. 

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