Is your partner cheating?

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Suspecting your partner of cheating is a stressful and worrying time and can cause a lot of anguish. When your relationship feels like it has changed or your partner is acting suspiciously, it can be easy to think the worst. However, it is important to be sure of the reasons behind their behaviour before you confront your partner.

Infidelity is one of the main reasons people contact private investigators in the UK. Private investigative firms such as OpSec Solutions can provide the evidence you need to prove unfaithfulness or equally, reassure you that there is nothing untoward going on.

If you are married, evidence can be crucial during a divorce, especially regarding financial situations, which is why hiring a private investigator can be a worthwhile investment, as well as for your own peace of mind. When it comes to surveillance, private investigators are experts. Highly skilled in all areas of surveillance, they provide a critical service in matrimonial and partner affairs, using a combination of experience and a range of tools and state of the art technology to help you collect the evidence you need to protect your children, finances, and your future.

Before you start looking for a private investigator to investigate your partner’s affairs, there are red flags you can be on the lookout for. In this article we list some of the most common reasons as to why you suspect your partner may be cheating.

Increased time spent on their phone and use of technology

Looking out for changes in their behaviour online is critical if you suspect your partner is cheating.

With the rise of social media and digitalisation across the world, infidelity is on the up. With 24-hour access and communication, physical and emotional affairs are increasing. If you have previously had shared access to your technological devices such as a PC, laptop or tablet and your partner suddenly decides this is no longer feasible, or they purchase their own, then this could be a red flag that all is not as it seems.

If your partner is being particularly secretive with their phone or is constantly using it, won’t share passwords or let you use it, places it facedown or does not leave it unguarded, then you also may have cause to worry.

Changes to your relationship

One of the biggest concerns many couples have is when their relationship goes through any perceived changes, although this does not necessarily mean your partner is cheating, it is worth bearing in mind if you have any suspicions.

This can include changes to your sex life, either an increased sex drive or a decreased interest in sex. Lack of communication and an increased emotional and physical distance is another red flag to look out for.

Many cheating partners will often reflect their own behaviour onto their other half. So, this may include accusing you of cheating or having an online affair, so if your partner was previously fine but has become jealous and accusatory or giving evasive answers to straight forward questions, then it may be time to consider hiring a private investigator.

Changes to your finances

Traditionally, catching cheating partners relied heavily on financial irregularities such as odd payments, purchases, or cash withdrawals in unusual places. In this digital age and especially if you have shared finances, most cheating partners are likely to be better at hiding or avoiding being caught out by a monetary paper trail. However, that does not mean that spending money isn’t a red flag. If your partner starts buying new clothes, going out for meals, or spending money they had previously been strict with, this could be a warning sign they are having an affair.

If any of the above seems familiar in your relationship, then we would advise speaking with a private investigator about your concerns. Please remember to choose a reputable private investigative firm within the UK with a proven record of surveillance services and who are members of an accredited body such as the ABI (Association of British Investigators) and always ask for an action plan before the start of the investigation and ask the investigator or firm what surveillance measures they intend to put in place.

A private investigator you can trust – OpSec Solutions

We aim to provide an affordable, quality, private investigator, and surveillance service across the UK. We are a highly regarded, professionally accredited Private Investigation Firm with personnel across the country that provides evidence to court admissible standards in all cases that require actionable data. This requires the utmost discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality, as well as strict adherence to ethical guidelines and data protection law.  

If you suspect your partner of cheating or need the evidence to file for a divorce, our team is on hand to help you find out for sure what your partner has been up to, but why should you trust us?

  • Our divorce private investigators are fully trained in the most up to date surveillance tactics, allowing them to track targets using a range of techniques.
  • You can trust our divorce surveillance solutions because we are members of the most reputable organisations in the industry, including the ICO, ISO and ABI.
  • We implement cameras, vehicle trackers, and timing equipment to deliver mobile, static, electronic, and counter-surveillance services combined with a full report of the target’s activity.
  • We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all policy. Our divorce detectives listen to your requirements so that we can provide a bespoke service that is tailored to your individual needs.
  • With headquarters in London and Manchester, we have agents based around the UK that are available at short notice – whenever you need them.

Hiring a private investigator for suspected partner infidelity doesn’t have to be stressful. A clear consultation with us can help us determine and clear up any awkward details. All you need to do is to arrange a free interview with us, where we will outline our transparent surveillance methodology that you can sign off before we begin.

With OpSec Solutions, our matrimonial investigations are all completely in line with the law and any relevant regulations, allowing us to find the actionable, court admissible proof you need. Please contact us today using our contact form on the website or call us on 0844-664-1125.   

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