Is Your Partner Social Media Cheating?

Cheating on Facebook

The advent of social media has greatly improved our ability to communicate with friends, family and even colleagues outside of work. However, it has also enabled us to meet and talk to strangers with ease and to potentially carry out an affair. That’s led to the rise of social media cheating.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at cheating on social media sites and how to know when it’s happening.

What is social media cheating?

Social media cheating can fall under the umbrella of digital cheating or having an online affair. Simply put, it’s where social media is used either to find someone to have an affair with, or to carry out the infidelity itself.

It may be that the affair is entirely conducted through social media and the cheater never physically interacts with the other person. Social accounts may be used to send sexual content or even have cybersex, but this doesn’t make it any less real than heading to a hotel.

This isn’t always the case when it comes to cheating on social media however. The accounts or apps may just be used to communicate between or arrange rendezvous and could go hand in hand with a typical physical affair.

How to spot social media cheating

Most people don’t have access to their partner or spouse’s social media accounts, so it can be tricky to spot any changes. Cheaters also wouldn’t display anything publicly that could lead to them being caught cheating online unless by mistake.

In most cases of social media cheating, cheaters tend to stick to the private messaging features within social apps. Some people do comment or post inappropriate content from their normal profiles however, such as liking or replying to sexual images of others.

Sometimes, they won’t realise you can see that they’ve liked or commented. In other cases, they might argue this isn’t classed as cheating in their books.

They may also create entirely new accounts just for the purpose of cheating. The most common method to determine if your partner is cheating online is if you catch them on an unfamiliar or encrypted social apps. You may also notice that they are spending more time than normal on social apps. They may even get tagged in seemingly innocent messages or photos by someone you haven’t heard of before that could be written off as a work colleague or old friend.

There are also instances where friends or family members of the victim see clear evidence of the cheater engaging with another person in an inappropriate manner. While these dramatic stories tend to make the gossip columns or get circulated on social media, you can’t rely on a cheater slipping up so obviously to catch them being unfaithful.

Get the proof you need

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