Qualities your security personnel should possess

If you are looking for security for an event, close protection services or security surveys and reports, then you need to know you’re hiring a team you can trust. A team that knows what they’re doing. And a team that delivers results.

Here at OpSec Solutions, we understand the qualities needed in our security personnel, so whether it is for close protection, site protection, event protection or any other risk management solution, we ensure our security personnel and close protection officers can spot potential risks before they become a threat, and work to effectively mitigate and eliminate them.

That is why all our personnel are fully trained and qualified operatives that can assess and mitigate any threats to a client’s safety and are experts in their field. We are fully authorised to lawfully undertake any protective services required and have the experience needed to keep a client safe in any environment. 

Although technology has improved and the use of modern techniques has helped security specialists and close protection officers enormously over the last decade, there are still qualities we look for in our employees that are vital for any risk management job to be successful. 

Physical fitness

As part of the job of a security specialist is to protect, mitigate and remove threats for a client or asset. This means they need to be in good physical shape to keep up with the demands of the job. 

As any security role is likely to involve active periods, so we make sure that our specialists, no matter the type of job, are capable of being able to do anything that is required, including defending and physically protecting their client from direct and indirect danger and helping to diffuse any dangerous situation however they see fit, within legal parameters.


A key quality any security specialist should possess is experience. Here at OpSec solutions, we make sure our security personnel have years of experience in the security industry and all our team of expert and fully qualified bodyguards and close protection officers are drawn from military, police, and corporate backgrounds. This range of experience ensures they can act decisively and provide the correct level of protection for their client to minimise the threat to individuals, businesses, or assets. 

Integrity and ethics

Given the nature of security, having good integrity and a strong code of ethics is essential for any security specialist. We pride ourselves on our team acting with honesty and making sure they do not compromise our position or that of any of our clients. We ensure our security personnel will always obey the law and refrain from carrying out any act that we know is unlawful, and respect the right to confidentiality, privacy, and the rights of all individuals. Our team will always act with self-control and tolerance, treating everyone with whom they come into contact, during the course of their activities, with respect, fairness, and courtesy. 

We will always act in a professional manner. Our team will not behave in a manner which brings, or is likely to bring, discredit upon any of our clients, or act in a way that undermines or is likely to undermine confidence in any of our clients. 

At OpSec Solutions, we make sure every member of our team is 100% committed to upholding a code of ethics, and not only that, but we are also members of the ABI, WAPI, IPI and UKPIN, so that when you use our services you know we will act in both an ethical and legal manner. Our reputation is important to us and that is why we have worked hard to make sure we can provide the highest standard of service to get our clients the results they need.  

Attention to detail 

One of the most time-consuming aspects of risk management is the continual risk assessments needed to cover the circumstances and location of the client. This may be assessing venues before an event or a thorough inspection of staff as well as looking for vulnerabilities in the security. Attention to detail is a key characteristic for any security specialist as by doing due diligence, most threats are removed before they ever come close to fruition, which is the aim for risk management and close protection, to remove or diffuse the threat before it becomes serious.  

Communication skills

Having strong communication skills is necessary for security personnel. Being able to relay the correct information both accurately and quickly can make a huge difference in difficult or stressful situations. Especially if a situation escalates to the point where the local authorities have to get involved. 


You want to be sure that any corporate event security team is experienced and fully licensed and insured to stay compliant with the regulations surrounding private security.

To become a close protection officer or security specialist, our employees need to hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Close Protections Licence. To get this, an employee needs to have completed the Close Protection training course and hold a Level 3 certificate for working as a close protection operative within the private security industry. They must also become a current, certified first aider.  

Technical ability

Security personnel will routinely utilise and operate technology as part of their risk management and protective services, including using cutting edge technology in surveillance and recording equipment, tracking methods, and digital detection. This means that for a job to be successful, an ability to operate technology is a huge advantage for a security specialist and a quality we look for in our own employees. 

Being able to blend in

To keep some form of normality for the client and have no disruption to their lifestyle, some protection and security will require surveillance rather than a demanding presence. This may involve use of innovative technology, or it may be that the client simply requires an operative to blend in with the surroundings whilst keeping a close eye out. Being able to stay covert and undercover is a requirement for our security specialists and close protection officers. 

Keeping information confidential 

Confidentiality is a key element of security, and we understand the seriousness with which clients consider their privacy in matters. Therefore, security personnel need to be able to handle your protection and any personal information responsibly and maintain complete confidentiality. 

Here at OpSec solutions, we complete all work legally, confidentially and in full compliance with GDPR. We have accreditation and membership from some of the industry’s leading bodies, so you have peace of mind that any private investigative services are carried out ethically, legally and with full confidentiality.   

Security from OpSec Solutions

In a world full of increased threats, security is more important now than ever. Here at OpSec solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to keep our clients and assets safe and well protected, no matter the challenges required.  

If you feel you need personal security for yourself, your family, valuable assets, round the clock home protection with a residential security team or simply a specialist escort and chauffeur service, we can provide you with close protection services that keeps you safe. With years of experience in the security industry, combined with our expert Close Protection Officers and state-of-the-art technology, you can be sure our safeguarding of clients is handled professionally and sensitively, and with minimum disruption to the personal lives of our clients.  

Our close protection team can travel anywhere in the UK or even overseas, that includes travelling alongside you. This commitment extends to our operating times. We understand that threats to your security don’t just end with the working day, so regardless of 9-5, overnight or around the clock, we will provide any of our security or close protection services whenever you need it.   

Whether it is a direct threat to your safety, or reducing the risks involved for attendance at an event, executive travel, asset security or close protection, please give us a call today to talk about your requirements in more depth and see how we can help. With experience, training, and skills on our side, we are highly respected within the industry, with the accreditations to prove it. Our team can provide a free consultation and assessment with a clear security plan and bespoke pricing. Contact us today using our contact form on the website or call us on 0844-664-1125.

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