Safeguarding your assets and intellectual property

intellectual property

Whether you are self-employed, small business or corporation, safeguarding your assets and intellectual property should be high on your agenda to help mitigate the risks from security breaches, theft, and loss.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is deemed anything that has been created by your mind. This includes anything in the creative arts – music, design, names, images, symbols, logos, literary works and inventions that are used in commerce. 

How to safeguard your intellectual property

If you have created something that you want to protect from misuse and theft, you have several options. Here at Opsec Solutions we would advise you to apply for legal protections such as copyright, trademarks, patents, and designs. This registration ensures that should anyone steal or copy your intellectual property you can take legal action against them. 

Why use a private investigator?

Private investigators are usually involved in cases of intellectual property infringement when a business or organisation needs hard evidence of the theft. Using a specialist investigative team ensures you can identify the perpetrator and collect enough evidence to be able to take legal action against them. 

A good private investigator will have the experience and expertise needed to conduct a thorough investigation and employ the correct investigative surveillance and techniques needed to create a comprehensive portfolio of evidence. As most court cases regarding intellectual property theft are ultimately carried out to recoup the financial loss that IP theft causes and evidence can only be used if it has been obtained legally, it is vitally important for you to put your trust in a private detective or private investigation firm that can get you the results in a legal and ethical manner, whilst conducting themselves and their operation with the highest of standards in order to produce quality, effective results. 

Private investigators can:

  • Collect court actionable evidence of wrongdoing
  • Follow data trails that can lead back to the perpetrator 
  • Use legal surveillance techniques to gain record and imagery to help prove your case

What is a corporate or business asset?

Although assets can include intellectual property, it also includes any sensitive data that is crucial to your business or organisation as well as all equipment, money, property and vehicles. 

How to safeguard your assets using a private investigator

Due to the digitalisation of the businesses across the globe, corporate security is at an all time high. Protecting your business from cybercrime and data breaches should form part of any business’ risk management processes, especially for financial sectors. 

There are numerous steps you can take to mitigate the risk posed by cyber criminals, please see our blog “3 frequent cybercrimes and how to avoid them” for more detailed information on how to safeguard your business from the threat of security breaches. 

If you suspect or have identified a theft of corporate assets, of any type, then hiring a private investigator can be a cost-effective solution if the police cannot help. 

Private investigators will use often use the tools and skills at their disposal to help collect court admissible evidence, including: 

  • Electronic Surveillance of computer activity – This can provide enhanced digital security through the monitoring of employee actions within the network and on individual devices as well as proving cases of fraudulent activity or theft. 
  • Background Investigations – Using their research skills, they can track down individuals that they have identified as being behind any scams or intellectual property infringements.   
  • Technological forensics – Under certain circumstances, private investigators can carry out mobile phone and computer forensics to recover deleted information and track digital footprints and IP addresses.  

Private investigators that specialise in risk management are a great solution to safeguarding your business assets. They have the expertise to protect your property, employees, clients, and assets using surveillance techniques and state of the art equipment as part of your everyday risk mitigation or during corporate or private events. 

If an asset is considered of particular value or interest to outside parties, then close protection services can be a useful tool as part of a wider safeguarding strategy. This may involve assessing venues before an event or a thorough background inspection of staff as well as looking for vulnerabilities in the security. By doing due diligence, most security threats to assets are dealt with before any breach, which is the aim for close protection, remove or diffuse the threat before it damages your business. 

Safeguard your assets and IP with OpSec Solutions

We are a highly regarded, professionally accredited Private Investigation Firm with personnel across the country that provides evidence to court admissible standards in all cases that require actionable data. This requires the utmost discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality, as well as strict adherence to ethical guidelines and data protection law.  

OpSec Solutions can provide a team of highly trained personnel from corporate backgrounds, with years of experience in corporate security and combined with state-of-the art equipment and technology, we can help you safeguard your assets and intellectual property. This proactive approach and the strategies and methodologies created by OpSec Solutions to protect your organisation, information, and assets, can anticipate weaknesses, prevent theft and data breaches.  

We can also support your business in cases of IP infringement or corporate asset theft. Using our technology to monitor a range of media and with legal access to video and audio recordings, corporate phone call records and computer activity, we can help assess any security breaches and provide the evidence you need to act.

If you feel our services could provide your business with the protection you need, please contact OpSec Solutions today to discuss how to effectively manage your corporate security, with packages tailored to suit your business requirements. We have offices in London, Manchester, and Cheshire, but can provide innovative technology and corporate security both in the UK and abroad.  

Please contact us today using our contact form on the website or call us on 0844-664-1125 to arrange a free consultation. 

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