Suspicious Minds – Signs that Your Spouse is Having an Affair

Suspicious Woman Watching

The King had it right. You really can’t go on together with suspicious minds. If you’re worried that your husband or wife is having an illicit affair behind your back, the suspicion and the worry can be worse than knowing.

For your own peace of mind – and for divorce proceedings – you’ll need proof. So what warning signs should you look out for?

Unexplained Absences

You’re expecting him home at six, and he turns up at half past ten. She says she’s working late, but all of her colleagues are posting Instagram pictures celebrating their early finish. He’s going fishing this weekend with the guys, but he’s never even bought a rod.

If your partner isn’t where they say they’ll be, or where you expect them to be, then that should be a red flag that something isn’t quite right.

Strange Statements

Odd purchases on his credit card. Weird restaurant bills on her banking statement. Sure, we’re always at risk of fraud, but would some fraudster really spend five hundred pounds on dinner, drinks, and a night at a strangely local Travelodge?

If their expenditure doesn’t add up, and it ties in with them changing their behaviour, then that’s a clear sign that something is definitely going on.

Shady Dealings

She’s changed the password on her phone. His computer is always locked. That formerly ever-present mobile phone is suddenly spending the evening locked in the glovebox of the car. Let’s face it, if someone that supposedly loves and trusts you suddenly starts acting suspiciously and defensively, it’s not a good sign.

If they’ve always been private, then that’s just the way they are. But a strange change in the way they act will definitely play on your mind.

Sudden Distance

They used to be affectionate, and now it’s like you’re being held at arm’s length. Date night is a thing of the past, and you’re lucky to get a peck on the cheek before work, let alone any more meaningful physical contact. It’s as if they’re not interested in you anymore. Like they’ve found something – or someone – else.

Be careful with this sign, as it could be a sign of stress, or even mental health issues. But if it’s hand-in-hand with other red flags, it might just be the confirmation of your fears.

So You’re Sure They’re Having an Affair. What Next?

If you head to a divorce solicitor saying you think your spouse is having an affair, the first thing they’ll ask you for is any proof. If you can prove that you’re the wronged party, you’re more likely to be treated more fairly in proceedings. And that’s where we come in.

Our matrimonial investigators specialise in gathering information safely, ethically and discreetly. Let us know what you think your spouse is up to, and we’ll monitor their movements, gather any photographic evidence, and provide you with the proof that you need to move on with your life.

Let’s have a conversation.

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