What is Counter Surveillance? And Do I Need It?

CCTV Watching People

Do you have concerns about your phone being tapped? Are you worried about your confidential meetings being recorded? Do you think hidden cameras are a cause for concern?

If so, you might need counter surveillance in your home or workplace.

Great. But what is what is counter surveillance exactly?

Counter surveillance protects you from unwanted monitoring. It can help you identify privacy breaches, such as bugs, and arm you with both the tools and confidence to fight back. 

Counter measures can range from taking simple and everyday precautions, such as locking your computer when you leave the desk, to professional counter surveillance services.

So, how does counter surveillance work?

The counter surveillance techniques used will depend on your particular concern. However, all of these techniques will expose any potential surveillance and put your mind at ease. 

Surveillance techniques include:

  • Sweeping Counter surveillance professionals can use a ‘sweeping’ technique to check for surveillance devices in an area. They can easily identify areas and items that might be compromised, and they won?t leave anything to chance. 
  • Detectors – Many counter-surveillance tools are detectors which can identify any hidden cameras, listening bugs or tracking devices in close proximity. The standard countermeasure for bugs is to sweep the area with a receiver that can locate any radio waves emitted by a bug.
  • Audio Jammers – For stress-free meetings, audio jammers can be used. The jammer creates a loud and distorted noise which prevents uninvited listening devices from joining the conversation. 

If a bug is found, you have several options. You can either report it to the proper legal authorities or take other necessary action.

Should I consider counter surveillance?

If you have any reason to suspect surveillance or you often handle confidential information, counter surveillance services could work for you. It’s easy to dismiss counter surveillance as something only for the world of spies and security services. However, anybody can be subject to surveillance. There are many reasons why an individual or business may be targeted.

With high-profile surveillance scandals like Edward Snowden’s Wikileaks revelations or the phone hacking from News of the World, it’s clear that our data is no longer safe. Your private conversations and confidential secrets can all be compromised by small and hard-to-detect surveillance devices. 

The thought of being under surveillance is daunting but counter surveillance can provide clarity, reassurance and peace of mind. It gives you the power and puts you one step ahead of whoever’s chasing after your information. 

  • Corporate Surveillance – For business owners, security breaches can significantly damage a company – in terms of both finance and reputation. Counter surveillance can be used as a preventative measure against corporate rivals or media investigations. 
  • Surveillance for Public – For private individuals, revealing sensitive personal information comes with a privacy risk. If there’s someone new in your life, there’s sadly always the risk of a jealous ex-lover listening to your phone calls or attempting to track you down. 

Talk to a counter surveillance expert

At OpSec Solutions, we provide professional counter-surveillance services across the UK. Our tailored solutions can help put your mind at rest, whether you need assistance on a corporate or personal level.

For more information, contact our team of experts on [email protected] or 0844-664-1125 today. We can give you the evidence you need to act and safeguard yourself against unwanted eavesdroppers.

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