5 Reasons Why Security is Vital at Major Events


In the world of security, it’s always better safe than sorry. And, for those that are planning major events, you should make sure that security is a top priority.

Improper security planning can result in stress and in worst cases, a crisis. Instead of simply reacting, you can manage, mitigate and eliminate threats in advance with the right preparation.

Not convinced? Planning on hoping for the best?

Here are 5 reasons why security is vital at every major event…

1. Anything can – and will – happen

Ever heard of Murphy’s law? Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. This is exactly why it’s important address potential issues ahead of time.

Security is important on the day, but this starts way before the event even taking place. There are many different types of threats – all of which require various security procedures. A thorough assessment will help you preempt, mitigate and eliminate threats in advance. This may include the arrival of uninvited guests, injuries, adverse weather and technical issues.

Reduce stress in advance with a solid safety assessment. Look at capacity, attendees, the venue and the type of event you’re hosting.

2. Emergencies will be worse without preparation

The venue you choose needs to be carefully considered. If there is an emergency, what will you do?

A good venue should have solid emergency procedures in place to avoid any chaos from unfolding. Emergency exits should be well lit and staff should be spread across the venue to help in such circumstances.

3. People make mistakes

Preparing your team is an important part of security for any major event. Without prior communication, team members can make errors – which lead to worse issues.

Staff should be trained appropriately and delegated clear responsibilities. Team members should understand the security protocol and be aware of how to carry out an emergency evacuation. By training staff, they can enjoy their role and attendees will feel at ease, making for a successful event all round.

4. VIP guests invite more threat

Many celebrities have personal security and for good reason. Unfortunately, where there are famous guests, the likeliness of security threats can increase.

When planning an event with VIP guests in attendance, extra security should be implemented. People are more prone to high energy at events where special guests make an appearance, so keep this in mind when planning.

How can you keep the energy levels in check? Will your VIP guests have room to maneuver and exit if needed? What separates your VIP guests from admirers?

5. You may not know as much as you should

While you may have experience with events and security, there are others that know more. If doubts about the safety of your guests is creeping in and you’re not 100% confident in your ability to navigate potential threats, why not get help?

Have you considered enlisting the help of risk management specialist for peace of mind?

Having extra staff at the event venue will demonstrate to attendees that they are safe. However, that’s not enough. The right experts can put the right procedures in place ahead of the event – not merely react to events on the day.

Talk to a risk management expert

At OpSec Solutions, we provide professional risk management services across the UK. With full SIA licencing and insurance, our team can provide a comprehensive range of protection services, including Close Protection, Site Protection and Event Protection.

For more information, contact our team of experts on [email protected] or 0844-664-1125 today. With HQs in London and Manchester, and agents across the UK, we can give you the evidence you need to act and safeguard your guests against threats. Our team is ready for any challenge. 

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